Choco Facts. . .

While eating your favorite chocolate, have you ever thought of doing some research on interesting facts about this delicious treat? Here some trivia facts for you!

If you’re planning to make your own chocolate, you need 400 cacao beans to make a pound of chocolate. You can get the beans from a small, melon-like pulp that grows directly from the trunk of the cacao tree.

Ever wonder why it’s not good to give your dog a chocolate? It’s because as a little as 2 ounces chocolate can be lethal to a small dog. Chocolate contain theobromine, a chemical that stimulates the central nervous system.

Chocolate is not just for dessert, snack or drink. In the movie Psycho, chocolate syrup was used as blood in the famous shower scene in the movie. But the scene that lasted 45 seconds took those seven days to film. That’s a lot of chocolate.

In 2001, this is the total pounds of chocolate that the Americans consumed a total of 3.1 billion pounds of chocolate. And this number is almost half of the total world’s production of chocolate in that same year.

15% TO 35%
This is the amount of chocolate liquor that semisweet chocolate or chocolate chip contains. Next to it is the bittersweet chocolate – which is used in baking, and contains at least 35% chocolate liquor.

Aztec Emperor Montezuma drank 50 golden goblets of hot chocolate, dyed red and flavored with chili peppers every day.


  1. so love and addicted to eating dark chocolates! this information is very helpful at least i know something about them! thanks xx

  2. This caught my interest and at the same time have me crave for chocolates.

  3. Addict nung Aztec emperor!
    Nice trivia! I'm addicted to Chocolates too, but I only eat a little each time. Its easy to indulge but then to suffer consequences of weight gain and spending more time loosing in.
    I make it my motivation.
    I normally eat chocolate when Im sooo tired, or that I'm stressed.
    Such comfy food!

  4. Hands down the best chocolate article I have ever read thank you so much!

  5. As a chocolate addict, I love reading this post. Though the only downside of it that I can think of is tooth decay. :D

  6. Chocolates are lovers pick! That is one reason why the world goes round and for my teeth problem.

  7. Ay, ang mga Kano adik talaga sa chocolate. Nice trivia. dami akong natutunan ngayon. Ask ko lang sana kung ano ang # Chocolate brand sa ngayon.

  8. There are many types of chocolates and I believe the healthiest of them all is dark chocolate, which is why it's my favorite although many people don't like it for its bitterness.

    1. yes, dark chocolate is the healthiest because dark chocolate has 60% flavonols (an antioxidant)

  9. Everybody loves chocolate.. especially kids at home.. will share your trivias to them.

  10. Ahh.. Chocolates never fail to make me happy :D And your post really made my day. Okay, now i'm craving for some chocolates >.<

  11. From now on I will not give chocolate to my dog. I love to have it in the house, in case i have cravings, i just pull it out in the fridge.

  12. I like chocolates, good to know that it has many benefits than what we used to know.

  13. Chocolates are indeed deadly for animals like dogs and cats. Even as little as a piece of kisses chocolate will kill them. Thanks for choco info!

  14. my dog loved chocolates! nakikipag-agawan pa nga eh. LOL! didn't know it could be deadly, thanks for the info

  15. Chocolate used as blood for a scene? I wonder if it was convincing enough as I haven't seen the movie.
    Anyway, chocolate is the ultimate favorite in our household, couldn't get enough of it.

  16. While reading your post I am actually popping Hershey's Almond Kisses :) Interesting facts! Our puppy almost died last year because he was accidentally given chocolates :((

  17. I love chocolates. Im a choco addict. Haha! i love it that i can live with it alone.