10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage Juice

Cabbage is considered to be the king of cruciferous family. It’s an easily found vegetable in any kitchen and is highly nutritious containing great healing powers.

Cabbage is actually a cluster of stiff leaves layered one over the other, which gives it a round shape. Several varieties of cabbages include green, purple, red, green, savoy, napa, bok choy, brussels sprouts etc.

Cabbage juice is not only nutritious, but also very low in calories.  It is a very rich source of vitamins, manganese, it's also high in vitamins K and C, high in fiber and a good source of vitamin B6 and folic acid, yet it's low in potassium.

1. Acne:
Cabbage juice is great for intestinal cleansing, it also contains vitamin C. These will detox your body thereby curing acne.
Cabbage juice helps to keep your skin hydrated. Add honey to 30ml cabbage juice. Apply on face and leave it for 5 min. Wash off after 5min. This remedy will help in wrinkle reduction.
2. Fair skin:
Mix 4tsp cabbage juice with a pinch of yeast and honey. Apply all over your face and neck. Keep it for 15minutes and then wash-off with warm water to get fairer skin.
3. Calories:
Cabbage juice provides very amount of calories. Dark leafy cabbages are very nutritious. 100ml of juice can provide up to 25calaroies.
4. Headache:
Drink 20-25ml of cabbage juice to cure headache. It acts as disinfectant as it has lactic acid in it.
5. Ulcers:
Cabbage juice can be used to cure ulcers. It contains glutamine, which is considered to be more powerful than antacids to cure ulcer.

6. Healthy Bones:

Cabbage juice contains enough vitamin-K. Including vitamin-K in your diet can give you healthy bones and also make them strong.

7. Blood Formation:

Iron in the cabbage juice helps in the formation of red blood cells in the body.

8. Blood Pressure:

Cabbage juice contains potassium that helps to control heart rate and blood pressure.

9. Cabbage Soup Diet:

The best and the most effective method of dieting is by reducing cholesterol.  This can reduce 3-4kgs in the first week itself. The powerful antioxidant in cabbage juice helps to reduce “bad cholesterol”.

10. Cancer:

Cabbage juice has powerful antioxidants which help fight against breast, colon and prostate cancer.
Some important tips:
1. Always wash cabbage thoroughly and soak in saline water for about 30mins.

2. Use fresh Cabbage juice for best results.
3. Don’t drink more than 4oz of cabbage juice at a time.
4. Avoid limp cabbages. Make sure its head is firm.
5. Never store Cabbage juice in a refrigerator.
6. Don’t add salt or sugar to cabbage juice, as it may reduce its effect.

This recipe will make about a pint and a half of liquid love.


1 large English cucumber, peeled
1/2 of a medium red cabbage
1-2 D’Anjou pears
2 meyer lemons
1 inch piece of ginger

Wash, prep, cut into manageable juice-able pieces and send them all down your juicer.

Bottle the juice up in airtight containers or better yet enjoy it right away! Don’t wait more than 48 hours to enjoy your fresh juice!


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